Jumper Envy

A cable-knit piece of fabric

A cable-knit piece of fabric (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The usual September rites have been passed through by now -meeting new students (and learning their names), catching the first cold of the academic year (good for the immune system) and my right arm muscles aching (from sudden whiteboard use). The gold toe strap of my summer sandles glinted from the bottom of the shoe basket, through brogues and boots, like a distant memory. My October ‘to-do’ list now includes the word ‘jumper’.Various knits catch my eye. A soft, maroon number is gorgeous but may not be warm enough when winter really sets in. A grey chunky knit looks great on someone else but may end up being too dull on drab days. I get a little nostalgic about a certain boucle pullover. It was burnt-orange. I wore and loved it for many autumns until it became thin in places and lost its shape. It was relegated to being a flu jumper until eventually I gave up and threw it. If only I’d unravelled those bobbly strands and stored the wool, the material could have been knitted back to life.

I suppose this is the same process that I plan to do with my draughty draft of a novel – it is going to be rethreaded so holes in the fabric are tightened and the shape updated. Sometimes unravelling and reknitting is what’s in order.

Hence NaNoWriMo. I’ve never taken part in National Novel Writing Month, but I know people who have. It’s in November. I’d like to experience this virtual global writing exercise. I’ll try and practice what I preach and keep my logical ordered ‘editing’ brain away from the purely creative ‘writerly’ brain. Not least I want to see a graph! See the word count climb breathless and perhaps wheezing to the magic summit of 50,000. Only 11 days to go.

In the meantime I’ve second-glanced a vintage red cable knit. It’s on my favourites page – a step nearer ticking off a ‘to-do’ as ‘done’.

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2 Responses to Jumper Envy

  1. Now that the days are cooler, relatively speaking for NC, I’ve pulled out my knitting projects for the season which mostly consists of pocket scarfs for my daughter and her friends. Best of luck knitting your plot for NaNoWriMo;)

    • colettelawlor says:

      I’m the only non-knitter in my family – of wool based items anyway – have to weave words instead. Stay warm in NC!

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